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About Us

Company Profile

Incorporated in 2000 as a separate division of Genius Progress, GPOF is committed to provide visually pleasing, safe, environmentally friendly and innovative lighting to commercial, retail and architectural users. With the concerted efforts by our Headquarter/Sales Office in Hong Kong, our North American Sales Office in Solon, Ohio of USA together with our factories in Shenzhen of China, GPOF has been well positioned to serve customers across the globe. Over the years, prestigious brands like Guess, Timex, Raymond Weil, IWC, Nautica and many others have helped evidenced GPOF’s healthy and rapid growth in the industry. Currently, we are shipping our products to 50 countries which means that our efforts have been highly acclaimed by aggressively talented environmental supporters.

To keep availing ourselves of the advantage in manufacturing first-rate showcases with incorporation of our self-developed LED Lighting system by our fully-fledged working crew, we are gratified that the market values of our products have gained strength in the industry. While LED lighting and fixtures are the core aspect of our business, as the years evolve, GPOF has further diversified into designing/manufacturing of visual aids of Window Display Props which also demonstrated to be a substantial marketing to help boost the sales of our customers. As we continuously evaluate our hard and soft strength, our enterprise reputation, our responsibility in society/environment while maintaining our concern for business ethics, GPOF is further driven to manufacture premier products to the benefit of mankind, not only for the level of economic growth but rather as a moral responsibility in help making this universe a better place for our future generations.


With an ongoing vision to continue mapping out a quality life for our community and our generations to follow, we are committed to continuously delivering excellence combined with versatile service and products to our customers. Our philosophy is projected to be sophisticated, practical and efficient. Furthermore, going green is absolutely our mission and we will spare no efforts in expanding our portfolio of quality and innovative products which exceed the expectation and need of our customers.

Achievement and Recognition

Ever since the establishment of our corporation in 2000, GPOF has committed to provide innovative yet practical products to all our customers. Creative and considerate in our approach, all of our concepts have been developed to indulge our customers and reward them with significant sales increase and an enchanting experience. Through our ongoing efforts in delivering only the best to our customers, we have been able to gain their confidence and enjoy an unrivalled credit as a reliable manufacturer by many reputable and first-rate branded retailers in both jewelry and watch industry. Additionally, while we continue to make every effort to improve the quality of our LED Lighting and our Lighting System, we also have been awarded by UL to be the first-ever factory in China to be allowed to produce UL approved wire cabinets during the year of 2011. This demonstrates our constant adherence to excellence and our strict compliance in conforming to internationally recognized standards. Also, enthusiastically supported by the expertise of our in-house technical and design professionals, our LED Lighting and Lighting System have gained mass appeal and recognition as a pacesetter in the retailing lighting industry.