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Apart from our capability and strength in manufacturing premier quality LED Lighting Showcases and coordinated furniture, GPOF has continued to adhere to our unfailing commitment in pursuing for excellence, thus our portfolio has expanded to cover a practical solution + one-stop service to our clients meeting their specific needs of planning either a new ‘Shop-in-Shop’ or restructuring their existing ones to the optimum.

Moreover, whether customers would call for a touch of luster, intelligence or desire, we can help create their Shops in a unique workout where the design setting of each compartment showcase can be adjusted to fit for individual need and with sustainable display fixture to a complete shop to our customers.

Our service offers an all-round pioneering design advice along with production of all corresponding LED Lighting/Showcases/Furniture to our overseas clients while a comprehensive package (right from the beginning of Customer Requirement Survey, Site Survey and Measurement, Shop Layout Planning, Floor Plan Proposal, Supply and Production of Lightings/Showcases/Workstation + Furniture Quotation, Contracting Works Quotation and all through the final execution of the Project) to our domestic customers. Simply check the below table for easy reference to our scope of service.

Service category

Service Category Overseas Clients Domestic Clients (PRC, HK + Macau)
Design Available Available
Production Available Available
Installation Not Available Available
Project Management Not Available Available
Logistics Partly Available Available

Considering our uncompromising approach to professionalism and premium quality, along with our service to both individual, commercial and architectural communities on either small scale to colossal degree, surely you do not want to be lagged behind. As just a phone call away or an email to us will help give you an unforgettably remarkable experience, so what’s the point of waiting?

Production process